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process-OptimizationandSimuGulf Gateways specializes in building linear and non-linear process optimization solutions using steady-state and dynamic optimization/simulation processes. We provide optimization solutions to hydrocarbon processing facilities, refineries, gas plants, petrochemical units, and LPG and NGL plants. 

Gulf Gateways has internally developed a proprietary blend optimizer that helps planners obtain optimum blends. The optimizer retrieves laboratory information from the available historian and then calculates the best suitable gasoline blend based on the planner-specified input.


Although the optimizer uses the Microsoft Excel interface, it supports Honeywell Uniformance PHD and PI historians also.

Gulf Gateways also provides process control services to refineries and petrochemical plants. These services, aimed at enhancing stability and process safety, involve the following: 
  • Controller Tuning: Controller tuning using proven techniques that incorporate industry best practices. This includes managing load and servo changes and selection of ideal tuning parameters to achieve best controller performance.
  • Signal Noise Reduction: Expert assistance in reducing signal noise for filters that are not built into the installed DCS system. We also recommend methodologies that are best suited to build filters in your specific environment.
  • Optimization Strategies: Development of new and improved strategies to increase plant efficiency, introduce new control schemes, and achieve new operating targets
  • Soft Analyzers: Development of environments for testing and analysis. Soft analyzers provide a robust and relatively low-cost alternative to the laborious laboratory analysis that often cause delays leading to production losses.

Simulation is the most widely accepted methodology to design plants, plan upgrades, and conduct research and analysis. We, at Gulf Gateways, bring in long standing experience in process modeling and simulation, both steady-state and dynamic simulation. Our services also include designing, building and troubleshooting:


Steady-State Simulation 
steadystatesimulationSteady-state simulation is used in the following scenarios:

  • Benchmarking performance of existing equipment
  • Designing new processes and equipment
  • Testing new process scenarios

We provide expertise in building steady-state models using Aspen HYSYS, Honeywell UniSim, and SimSci-Esscor.

Dynamic Simulation
This is used for the following:
  • Analyzing process dynamics and determining process-transient response
  • Testing control structures for specific processes
  • Conducting step tests for APC package implementations
We build dynamic simulation models on standard equipment using Aspen Dynamics. For non-standard dynamic/steady state models, we use gPROMS, Aspen Custom Modeler (ACM), Matlab, or GNU Octave simulation packages.

Also, our consultants are highly skilled in integrating complex simulation models into easy-to-use interfaces such as Microsoft Excel worksheets (tables and charts) and Power Point slides using the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology.

What we offer ?

GGTS offers a range of services to enable our customers plan production, simulate environments, increase yield, improve quality of produce, and automate processes. We also offer associated IT services that include providing necessary infrastructure to accelerate automation, training personnel. 

Our Team

Our highly experienced team of engineers and consultants, the back bone of our company, has proven expertise in understanding customer requirements, identifying gaps, recommending solutions, and also working closely with customers to execute strategies to realize tangible benefits. 

Our Partners

GGTS, in partnership with internationally recognized manufacturing and consultations companies, such as RSI, Optience, Samsung SDS, Inlibra, and WST, offers a range of highly customized engineering and technical solutions in the area of Hydrocarbon Processing Industries and IT Services.

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