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elearning2Gulf Gateways Technical Solutions has its own methodologies in its e-learning offerings. While preserving the traditional methods in learning process, we implement the latest and highly effective means for optimum learning experience.

We believe that effective learning can take place only when contents are designed in a way which allows seamless understanding by learners. Therefore, a learning process can be further developed and enhanced by collecting various opinions and ideas from students.

In order to cover following services, Gulf Gateways Technical Solutions provide educational solution, including implementing platform and developing mobile device application.
  • Smart learning platform for higher education
  • K-12 public education (from pre-school to high school)
  • Cyber home learning system
  • University/government student administration system
  • Job training for public institutions
  • Private education
  • Educational Portal system
  • Distribution/publication for education materials (e-textbook, etc)


What we offer ?

GGTS offers a range of services to enable our customers plan production, simulate environments, increase yield, improve quality of produce, and automate processes. We also offer associated IT services that include providing necessary infrastructure to accelerate automation, training personnel. 

Our Team

Our highly experienced team of engineers and consultants, the back bone of our company, has proven expertise in understanding customer requirements, identifying gaps, recommending solutions, and also working closely with customers to execute strategies to realize tangible benefits. 

Our Partners

GGTS, in partnership with internationally recognized manufacturing and consultations companies, such as RSI, Optience, Samsung SDS, Inlibra, and WST, offers a range of highly customized engineering and technical solutions in the area of Hydrocarbon Processing Industries and IT Services.

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