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We at GulfGateway Technical Solutions provide Engineering Outsource Services with our team of experts, focused on quality and unique services. GulfGateway Technical Solutions Outsource your engineering needs with aggressiveness by making allotment of our engineering team in your organization. We are successfully fulfilling the outsourcing engineering requirements demands with respect to the projects with the aforementioned enthusiasm, charge and affliction.

GulfGateway Technical Solutions offers you burning admission to our all-encompassing outsourced engineering assets and an engineering team focused on your success. Our proactive customer access is approved by the dozens of patents and proprietary technologies we have developed for our clients in the course of outsourced engineering projects.

What Benefits can Engineer Outsourcing provide to Your Business? Aside from achieving substantial cost savings there are many additional benefits with Engineer Outsourcing. These include enabling management to focusing on business core functions and strategy, acquiring new skills, avoiding major investments (software, staffing, office space, etc.), handling overflow situations and cyclical work patterns, improving flexibility, financial ratios and overall performance, and enhancing credibility through using firms with international accreditations.

Outsourcing with GulfGateway gives you direct and fast access to your engineering team leader which gives you full advantage of the power of communication in effective teamwork and problem solving. We have experience on Outsourcing Engineering Services including Gas and Oil industry and Hydrocarbon industries in Saudi Arabia. Some of Our clients include Oil Refineries, Lubricating Oil refineries, Gas Processing Plants, Petrochemical Plants, LPG and NGL Plants etc. Our main area of providing engineering outsourcing is universities, organizations and the government.Gulf Gateways also provides on-site and off-site training courses in the area of process control, simulation and numerical solutions as per client's requirements. 

What we offer ?

GGTS offers a range of services to enable our customers plan production, simulate environments, increase yield, improve quality of produce, and automate processes. We also offer associated IT services that include providing necessary infrastructure to accelerate automation, training personnel. 

Our Team

Our highly experienced team of engineers and consultants, the back bone of our company, has proven expertise in understanding customer requirements, identifying gaps, recommending solutions, and also working closely with customers to execute strategies to realize tangible benefits. 

Our Partners

GGTS, in partnership with internationally recognized manufacturing and consultations companies, such as RSI, Optience, Samsung SDS, Inlibra, and WST, offers a range of highly customized engineering and technical solutions in the area of Hydrocarbon Processing Industries and IT Services.

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